shon and michelle spirit of hope

17th Street CNA was born, under the leadership of Rev. Michelle Parsons and her late husband Shon Parsons.


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Board Members

Gloria Crowder – President

Melissa Brown – Vice President/Treasurer

Blanche Johnson – Secretary

Angie Brown – Program Director

Terrion Kirkwood – Web Specialist

Kenya Logan – Board Member

Jon Bente – Board Member

Patricia Little – Board Member

Kimberly Deboe – Board Member

Richard Nance – Board Member

Aretha Burns – Board Member

Patricia Crowder – Board Member

Michelle Parsons – Board Member


March Community Notes
Did you know that there is an agency dedicated to serving the needs of the mature adult?
Did you know they provide activities, lunches and other social and recreational opportunities for seniors who need or would like to enhance their life?
Did you know that if a senior in your family needs individual assistance in counseling or community referrals, it is available through the Older Adult Counseling at the Area Agency on Aging office at PSOP?

Illinois Department on Aging – Lifespan Respite Program
In 2009, the Illinois Department on Aging was awarded funding by the Administration on Aging through the Lifespan Respite Care Act (Public Law 109-442). Objectives of this three year project are:

  • Establish an emergency respite program
  • Create a respite website listing resources and training opportunities
  • Improve the collaboration among state agencies providing respite funding
  • Train caregivers and volunteers to provide respite

The goal of the Lifespan Emergency Respite Program is to offer funding and resources to support caregivers of children with special needs or adults with special needs who have an urgent need for respite care in the absence of any other funding source. The program supports the caregiver’s decision to request emergency respite care and determine where the care will be delivered and by whom.

Wings of Hope
We met for two meetings in March to discuss up-coming events and they worked one service project for 17th Street’s Quarterly Community Meeting.

Class of 89 25th 089

The girls have been very busy with school and we want to congratulate them for their grades. They have all been working hard to stay on top. Also congratulations to our 6 Seniors as they prepare for their next step in life. All the ladies are working hard on college applications and decisions. We’d also like to welcome our newest group which are our Rubies and these ladies range from 6th to 8th grade. The ladies next meeting is scheduled in late April. I’d also like to thank my mentors for all the hard work and time you invest into these ladies and their future.

For more information about any of our programs please contact Angie Brown, Program Director.

Young Achievers

Anthony BrownAnthony Brown resident of the 17th Street Corridor was among several high school achievers to receive recognition. Anthony graduated in December from Belleville West High School and, is the son of Torrence and Angie Brown of Swansea. His greatest competitive successes have come as a scholar athlete. Anthony is rated the No. 21 forward in the nation as a high school senior by and is currently training with St. Louis’ new pro soccer team St. Louis FC. Academically, Anthony earned high honors and is a member of the National Honor Society. He has received several awards and achievements to include a Soccer Scholarship to St. Louis University, with his focus on Finance.

Congratulations Young Achiever!!!!!

Entrepreneur of the Quarter

There comes a time in one’s life when you are confronted with the chance to help inspire and to help make a difference; this wonderful opportunity was given to me in the form of making available 17th Street’s Newsletter to help launch a new page that will highlight up and coming young, bright, local, entrepreneurs in our communities.

I was totally in awe of the number of young inspired people that are in our communities, which are doing great things to help our country to regain the blessed status that was once ours.

My opportunity came to me when working at Westhaven Elementary School with many talented teachers and helpers. One teacher told me the amazing story about her daughter and the amazing journey she was on. This shining star was a young lady by the name of Chelsea Crockett. It is my privilege to spotlight our Young Entrepreneur and her unique business. “Beautyliciousinsider.”

With this honor of being our young entrepreneur to grace 17th Street’s web page, her business will have the opportunity to become one of many businesses to be placed on our website as a member/ partner, with this many people in our communities will be able to contact Chelsea to find out more about, and follow and purchase her wonderful and unique creations. Congratulations to our Young Entrepreneur of the Quarter, Chelsea Crockett.

Meet Our Newest Partners…

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BeJae’s Words of Wellness

Apple Oatmeal Smoothie

Photo By: Kraft

Oatmeal Apple Smoothie

  • ½ frozen bananas
  • ½ cup frozen peaches
  • ½ of a fresh apple with peel
  • 5 apple sauce cubes
  • ½ cup cooked or raw oats
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 inch fresh ginger
  • 1 cup apple juice

Blend 30 to 45 seconds or until desired consistency is reached.

Did you know…

Oats can benefit your health in many ways. According to a 2011 study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, oat beta-glucan, a dietary fiber found in oats, has cholesterol-lowering properties. Furthermore, oat consumption is associated with a 7percent reduction in total “bad” cholesterol levels.It’s also been shown that a diet containing oats can improve blood pressure control, and an increase in oats may significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, a study done by the University Hospital Mannheim found that Type 2 diabetes patients were given oatmeal as part of their diet achieved a 40 percent reduction in insulin dosage.Wild oats can be used to treat a range of ailments, including headaches, depression, tension, insomnia, anxiety and nerve pain. They can also be used as topical treatments for rashes, psoriasis, burns, eczema and warts.